Who are WLCP Volunteers?

These volunteer instructors are obtained from UW’s or worldwide international community including spouses of university faculty and students, international students, exchange students, visiting scholars, and alumni of the university. 

Many of these volunteer instructors cannot currently work for pay due to their immigration status. Many others have recently obtained their green cards and have a need to further develop their English skills. 

These volunteer instructors are able to connect with our local and U.S. community, learn about the U.S. educational system, and gain teaching experience as they learn and improve their English skills. 

These native speaking teachers promote dialogue and excitement for learning as they share their cultures and languages. In exchange for their volunteer service, the AWWLC’s goal is to help these volunteers achieve their goals in both academic and career endeavors. 

For example, in 2021 two of our volunteer instructors were accepted into UW and other graduate programs and received a full educational stipend because of their work at the AWWLC. From the time we started our program in 2014, 4 volunteer instructors obtained a job and 3 were accepted into UW master’s programs and other educational institutions around the country.