AWWLC Mission

Access the World with World Languages and Cultures (AWWLC) is committed to 21st century linguistic and cultural literacy to cultivate life-long learning, appreciation, and enthusiasm for world languages and cultures. AWWLC views language and culture as being inseparable and strives to integrate the teaching and learning of both simultaneously. AWWLC’s mission is to provide access to everyone (adults 16-80) who want to learn world languages (including less-commonly-taught languages) and gain awareness of world cultures in a nonformal setting. The AWWLC works to create learning communities to nurture cross-cultural communication and understanding.

AWWLC Vision

AWWLC aspires to be the bridge to develop and sustain awareness of world languages including less-commonly taught languages. AWWLC encompasses bridging the cross-cultural gap through community building and nonformal learning.

AWWLC Values

AWWLC believes that everyone should have access to learn multiple languages and explore diverse cultures and communities. The study of world languages and cultures is an interdisciplinary pursuit that assists participants to navigate global perspectives and gain awareness of diverse cultures. As part of this process, AWWLC appreciates a deeper understanding of participants’ own culture.

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