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Icebreakers Pre-assessment Lesson Sequence Include Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing in all learning Task Analysis (Break concepts into smaller parts) Gradual Release of Responsibility (Teacher models, Teacher Guides Students, Students do it independently) Learning activities that are: engaging, memorable, interesting, minds-on and hands-on, interactive, appropriately challenging for each unique learner intrinsically motivating filled with learner voice and choice fun Use songs and poems to help language learning stick

  • Date: 8/30/2022 01:16 AM
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Joanie James, PhD, NBCT

 Joanie has taught for over 35 years. She has extensive experience as a kindergarten, 4th/5th multi-age, and special education (LD, EI, MI, ADHD) teacher. Throughout her career, Joanie has had the pleasure of teaching many ELL students. Not only has Joanie taught at the elementary and middle school levels, she has also taught and mentored hundreds of UW College of Education pre-service teachers. Joanie is an avid proponent of finding ways to engage students in minds-on, memorable, differentiated, and intrinsically motivating learning experiences in all educational settings.